Greek Primary Teachers’ Federation (DOE – DIDASKALIKI OMOSPONDIA ELLADOS) was established in 1921. Its members are the teachers’ unions in primary and early childhood education of the public sector all over Greece.

The aim of DOE is the coordination of all efforts of the consisting unions for the improvement of primary education, the moral and material elevation of the teachers as well as the advocacy and improvement of the professional interests of the sector. Additionally, DOE aims to contribute to the progress of the education of all people of Greece.

Our Federation promotes the cooperation and solidarity among public servants and employees in general and supports the rights of the syndicates, protects the democracy, the national sovereignty and the peace.

DOE aims also to cultivate the idea of unionism and of the class consciousness of the employees and to safeguard and expand the rights for active participation of the employees in education decisions making centers.

DOE publishes regularly the magazine “TEACHERS’ ROSTRUM” (DIDASKALIKO VIMA).